Luca Iocchi

Dipartimento di Ingegneria informatica automatica e gestionale Antonio Ruberti
Università di Roma ''La Sapienza''
Via Ariosto 25, Roma 00185, Italy.
Room B115
Tel. +39 06 77274-121
Fax. +39 06 77274-106




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About myself


Research Interests


Social and Assistive Robots

Multi-robot systems for assistance of elderly people
Social robot for human interaction and assistance.
Social robots for short-term interaction with multiple people in populated environments.


Multi-Robot Coordination

Autonomous robot soccer players in RoboCup
Middle-Size League
Autonomous robot soccer players in RoboCup
Four-Legged and Standard Humanoid League


Multi-Agent and Multi-Robot Systems for Rescue Operations

Multi-agent systems for simulating
search and rescue operations in large-scale disasters
Development of a multi-robot
system for search and rescue operations
Micro UAV for security and emergency scenarios
Development of a micro UAV
for information gathering in surveillance and search and rescue.


Stereo Vision Systems

Stereo vision system for a mobile robot.
3D indoor modeling and
camera motion estimation.
Object and People localization and tracking through stereo-vision.


Video-Surveillance Systems

Video-surveillance system for Venice Grand Canal.


Didattica (Teaching)