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Industrial Organization and Management

The research activity of the group, that includes general issues in industrial economics, public policy and management, is performed by three research groups: Industrial Organization, Management and Efficiency, Effectiveness and Impact Analysis of Education and Research: methods and applications.

The Industrial Organization research group focuses on the following topics:

Competition, regulation, incentives to investments and industrial policy in network indus- tries (with a focus on telecommunications, air transport, rail transport, local public transport and utilities), in the media industry and in the pharmaceutical sector. For this purpose, the group develops and makes use of game theory, cost proxy models, econometrics, and economic models for the evaluation of investments.

Productivity and efficiency analysis, with a focus on the development of parametric and non-parametric methods which can be applied to different fields in Economics and Management.

Economics and management of education and research activities, with a focus on the eval- uation of performance, accreditation and funding of education institutions located in the main European countries. For this purpose, the group develops and makes use of efficiency analysis and econometrics.

Mechanism design, with a focus on the analysis and the development of auction pro- cedures for the efficient allocation of scarce resources, characterized by complemen- tarities or substitutability effects, and on the innovation of procurement systems. For this purpose, the group develops and makes use of agent-based simulation models, game theory and mathematical programming.

The Management research group focuses on the following topics:

Management control systems, with a focus on the analysis of organizational proce- dures and the development of a system of indicators. For this purpose, the group develops and makes use of the multi-criteria methodology applied to managerial decision making problems.

Operations management, with a focus on the performance analysis of innovative product/services development models, production system and supply-chains in complex organizations.

Green Management and Corporate Sustainability, with a focus on the integration of en- vironmental sustainability into corporate strategies and the analysis of the success factors of the green product development process.

The group Efficiency, Effectiveness and Impact Analysis of Education and Research: methods and applications performs both theoretical and empirical analysis aimed to the formulation of recommendations for public policies. In particular, this research group has focused on the following topics:

Efficiency, effectiveness of scientific research and educational system, with particular ref- erence to: the evaluation of higher education, scientific research, technological inno- vation and their financing; the development of new bibliometric approaches and in- dicators to assess the scientific competitiveness at country, regional and local level; the analysis of the market structure of higher education in Italy and in the Euro- pean countries; the analysis of public funding to the university system in Italy and other major European countries; the development of public policies in education and scientific research;

Evaluation of the administrative activities of the university, with particular reference to: e-procurement policies and services to support students, funding systems for stu- dents and interventions for student aid (loans and bonus); effectiveness of schol- arships; managerial tools for the management of universities and public research institutions; management control systems and strategic planning of universities; management of students’ accommodations.

Finally, the group has established scientific collaborations with national and international public institutions and universities; it is part of the European Network of Indicators Designers (ENID) and of the observatory on Local Public Transport of the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport (MIT), has implemented and implements different col- laborations with the National Agency for University and Scientific Research Evaluation (ANVUR), the Ministry of Education, Universities, and Research (MIUR), the Ministry of infrastructures and Transport and the European Commission on the themes of the evaluation of the impact of public policies for higher education and scientific research and on the themes of the standard cost of local public transport.


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