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I was a Postdoctoral Fellow in the RoCoCo laboratory at the Department of System and Computer Science of the Sapienza Università di Roma.
I received my Ph.D. in Computer Engineering in 2009 at Department of System and Computer Science, working in the Prof. Daniele Nardi group.
I have been a Guest Researcher in Prof. Satoshi Tadokoro laboratory at the Tohoku University, Sendai Japan. I worked with Prof. Ohno Katsunori, working on 3D mapping on crawler robots.
I have participated to RoboCup competitions since 2004 and I have been involved in the Standard Platform League (former Four Legged League) within the SPQR team.
Since 2009, I have been also involved in UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) project within the RoCoCo laboratory.
Recently, I have been involved in the project “Multi-Robot Teams for Environmental Monitoring”, a joint project among “Sapienza, University of Rome, IT”, “University of Nevada, Reno, US” and “Kingston University, UK”. The project, funded by the Department of Homeland Security, aimed to overcome limitations of static surveillance systems, introducing a situation-aware monitoring by using a mobile and reconfigurable multi-camera surveillance system and a team of cooperating mobile robots carrying cameras.

My main research interests include Localization, Object Tracking, Distributed Data Fusion, Multi-Agent/Multi-Robot Systems, embedded platforms.

I was also tutor for the course “Fondamenti di Informatica I” for “Canale 1 (AK)” of Prof. Demetrescu and Prof. Ribichini and mentor for some of the “Robot Programming” projects, part of “Elective in Artificial Intelligence” course (the projects involve Nao Robots and Quadrotor UAV)

You can find my current occupation and location here: