My Current Research
  1. Adoption of infinite arrival distributed computing models in a message passing system to model dynamic networks.  Study of some fundamental problems (connectivity, communication, query-response, leader election, etc) and deterministic solutions (or impossibilities) in the models proposed. 
Related Documents 
 -Connectivity (LADC07.pdf)
- Query-Response (Pact07.pdf)
- [NEW!] Eventual Leader Election (TechRep27Feb.pdf)Research_files/LADC07.pdfResearch_files/Pact07.pdf
   Gossip-based Algorithms
Algorithms for data consistency. 
a self-adaptive algorithm  implementing the eventual consistency criterion working on a randomized overlay network. The algorithm is based only on gossip-based dissemination and uses self-adaptive techniques to limit inconsistencies and subsequent recoveries (rollbacks). Related Document: SSS06
Algorithms for Internal Clock Synchronization:  
a self-adaptive peer-to-peer clock synchronization algorithm working on randomized overlay network. The algorithm is based on the coupling oscillator paradigm which governs spontaneous synchronization of criquets, fireflies, etc. Related Document: technical report
Evaluation Studies: 
Churn resilience of gossip-based algorithms devoted to the maintenance of randomized overlays. Related Document: AINA07.pdf
Event Dissemination in p2p Networks
Development  of a scalable peer-to-peer publish/subscribe architecture based on randomized overlay networks. Objective: traffic confinement (event delivered only to those subscribers interested in the event).  First efforts have been devoted to the event routing mechanism which is able to quickly locate interested subscribers independently of the popularity of their interests and of the publisher location.
Related Documents: technical reportshapeimage_7_link_0
Data Distribution Service Implementation
We are currently implementing the clock synchronization protocol based on the coupling oscillator paradigm in the DDS middleware (RTPS) to support QoS policies related to Order and Time Delivery in p2p networks. We want to test it on PlanetLab.
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