Cinzia Daraio


Fast and efficient computation of directional distance estimators (2019)
Daraio, C.; Simar, L.; Wilson, P. W.
Productivity and efficiency analysissoftware: an exploratorybibliographical survey of the options (2019)
Daraio, Cinzia; Kerstens, Kristiaan H. J.; Cavalcante, THYAGO CELSO NEPOMUCENO; Sickles, Robin
JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC SURVEYS [0950-0804]. 33: pagg. 85-100
Policy turnaround: Towards a new deal for research and higher education. Governance, evaluation and rankings in the big data era (2019)
Daraio, C.; Heitor, M.; Meoli, M.; Paleari, S.
HIGHER EDUCATION QUARTERLY [0951-5224]. 73: pagg. 3-9
Combining multi-criteria and directional distances to decompose non-compensatory measures of sustainable banking efficiency (2019)
Cavalcante, THYAGO CELSO NEPOMUCENO; Daraio, Cinzia; Costa, Ana Paula Cabral Seixas
APPLIED ECONOMICS LETTERS [1350-4851]. pagg. 1-6
Empirical surveys of frontier applications: a meta-review (2019)
Daraio, Cinzia; Kerstens, Kristiaan; Nepomuceno, Thyago; Sickles, Robin C.

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