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Counting cliques in parallel without a cluster: engineering a fork/join algorithm for shared-memory platforms on INFORMATION SCIENCES 2019
Reconstructing C2 Servers for Remote Access Trojans with Symbolic Execution on Cyber Security Cryptography and Machine Learning 2019
SoK: Using Dynamic Binary Instrumentation for Security (And How You May Get Caught Red Handed) on Asia CCS '19 Proceedings of the 2019 ACM Asia Conference on Computer and Communications Security 2019
Static analysis of ROP code on EuroSec '19 Proceedings of the 12th European Workshop on Systems Security 2019
The ROP needle: Hiding trigger-based injection vectors via code reuse on SAC '19 Proceedings of the 34th ACM/SIGAPP Symposium on Applied Computing 2019
A Survey of Symbolic Execution Techniques on ACM COMPUTING SURVEYS 2018
ROPMate: Visually Assisting the Creation of ROP-based Exploits on 2018 IEEE Symposium on Visualization for Cyber Security (VizSec) 2018

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