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Benchmarking speech understanding in service robotics on AIRO 2017 Artificial intelligence and robotics. Proceedings of the 4th Italian workshop on artificial Intelligence and robotics a workshop of the XVI International conference of the italian association for artificial Intelligence ( AI*IA 2017 ), Bari, ... 2018
Design of robot teaching assistants through multi-modal human-robot interactions on Robotics in Education. Latest Results and Developments 2018
Methodology and Results on Teaching Maths Using Mobile Robots on ROBOT 2017: Third IberianRobotics Conference 2018
A distributed approach for real-time multi-camera multiple object tracking on MACHINE VISION AND APPLICATIONS 2017
Coloured petri net plans for cooperative multi-robot systems on AIRO 2016 artificial intelligence and robotics proceedings of the 3rd italian workshop on artificial intelligence and robotics : a workshop of the XV international conference of the italian association for artificial intelligence ( AI*IA 2016 ), Genova... 2017
Dealing with on-line human-robot negotiations in hierarchical agent-based task planner on Proceedings International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling, ICAPS 2017
Distributed on-line dynamic task assignment for multi-robot patrolling on AUTONOMOUS ROBOTS 2017

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