Giuseppe Oriolo


A general framework for task-constrained motion planning with moving obstacles (2019)
Cefalo, Massimo; Oriolo, Giuseppe
ROBOTICA [0263-5747]. 37: pagg. 575-598
Force, orientation and position control in redundant manipulators in prioritized scheme with null space compliance (2019)
Karami, A.; Sadeghian, H.; Keshmiri, M.; Oriolo, G.
CONTROL ENGINEERING PRACTICE [0967-0661]. 85: pagg. 23-33
Sensor-Based Task-Constrained Motion Planning using Model Predictive Control (2018)
Cefalo, Massimo; Magrini, Emanuele; Oriolo, Giuseppe
12th IFAC Symposium on Robot Control SYROCO 2018
51: pagg. 220-225
Hierarchical tracking task control in redundant manipulators with compliance control in the null-space (2018)
Karami, Abbas; Sadeghian, Hamid; Keshmiri, Mehid; Oriolo, Giuseppe
MECHATRONICS [0957-4158]. 55: pagg. 171-179
Learning Robust Task Priorities of QP-Based Whole-Body Torque-Controllers (2018)
Charbonneau, Marie; Modugno, Valerio; Nori, Francesco; Oriolo, Giuseppe; Pucci, Daniele; Ivaldi, Serena
2018 IEEE-RAS 18th International Conference on Humanoid Robots (Humanoids) - 978-1-5386-7283-9
pagg. 622-627

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