WEA 2007 - 6th Workshop on Experimental Algorithms
June 6-8, 2007
Rome Italy

WEA 2007

6th Workshop on Experimental Algorithms

June 6-8, 2007 — Rome Italy

List of Accepted Papers

  • Markus Behle, Michael Jünger, and Frauke Liers.
    A Primal Branch-and-Cut Algorithm for the Degree-Constrained Minimum Spanning Tree Problem
  • Marcelo Santos, Lucia Drummond, and Eduardo Uchoa.
    A distributed primal-dual heuristic for Steiner Problems in Networks
  • Dries Goossens and Frits Spieksma.
    Exact algorithms for the matrix bid auction
  • Eyjolfur Asgeirsson and Cliff Stein.
    Vertex Cover Approximations on Random Graphs
  • Jens Maue and Peter Sanders.
    Engineering Algorithms for Approximate Weighted Matching
  • Dominik Schultes and Peter Sanders.
    Dynamic Multi-Level Highway Node Routing
  • Maria Chroni, Dimitrios Koukopoulos, and Stavros Nikolopoulos.
    An Experimental Study of Stability in Heterogenous Networks
  • Friedrich Eisenbrand, Andreas Karrenbauer, and Chihao Xu.
    Algorithms for longer OLED Lifetime
  • Niko Välimäki, Wolfgang Gerlach, Kashyap Dixit, and Veli Mäkinen.
    Engineering a Compressed Suffix Tree Implementation
  • Felix Putze, Peter Sanders, and Johannes Singler.
    Cache-, Hash- and Space-Efficient Bloom Filters
  • Cristina Bazgan, Hadrien Hugot, and Daniel Vanderpooten.
    An efficient implementation for the 0-1 multi-objective knapsack problem
  • Kimmo Fredriksson and Fedor Nikitin.
    Simple compression code supporting random access and fast string matching
  • Ernst Althaus, Tobias Baumann, Elmar Schoemer, and Kai Werth.
    Trunk packing revisited
  • Karina Figueroa and Kimmo Fredriksson.
    Simple space-time trade-offs for AESA
  • Vladimir Deineko and Alexander Tiskin.
    Fast minimum-weight double-tree shortcutting for Metric TSP
  • Angelo Fanelli, Michele Flammini, Domenico Mango, Giovanna Melideo, and Luca Moscardelli.
    Experimental Evaluation of Algorithms for IP Table Minimization
  • Celso Ribeiro and Rodrigo Toso.
    Experimental Analysis of Algorithms for Updating Minimum Spanning Trees on Graphs Subject to Changes on Edge Weights
  • Falk Hüffner, Nadja Betzler, and Rolf Niedermeier.
    Optimal Solutions for the Sign-Consistent Subgraph Problem
  • Ekaterina Smorodkina, Mayur Thakur, and Daniel Tauritz.
    Algorithms for the Balanced Edge Partitioning Problem
  • Mohammad Farshi and Joachim Gudmundsson.
    Experimental study of geometric t-spanners: a running time comparison
  • Daniel Delling and Dorothea Wagner.
    Landmark-Based Routing in Dynamic Graphs
  • Christian Liebchen, Gregor Wünsch, Ekkehard Köhler, Alexander Reich, and Romeo Rizzi.
    Benchmarks for Strictly Fundamental Cycle Bases
  • Olivier Powell and Sotiris Nikoletseas.
    Simple and Efficient Geographic Routing around Obstacles for Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Andrew Goldberg, Haim Kaplan, and Renato Werneck.
    Better Landmarks within Reach
  • Fei Ye, Yan Guo, Andrew Lawson, and Jijun Tang.
    Improving Tree Search in Phylogenetic Reconstruction from Genome Rearrangement Data
  • Artur Alves Pessoa, Marcus Poggi, and Eduardo Uchoa.
    A Robust Branch-Cut-and-Price Algorithm for the Heterogeneous Fleet Vehicle Routing Problem
  • Olca Arda Çakıroğlu, Cesim Erten, Ömer Karataş, and Melih Sözdinler.
    Crossing Minimization in Weighted Bipartite Graphs
  • Robert Tarjan and Renato Werneck.
    Dynamic Trees in Practice
  • Michael Goodrich, Charalampos Papamanthou, and Roberto Tamassia.
    On the Cost of Persistence and Authentication in Skip Lists
  • Maxim Babenko, Jonathan Derryberry, Andrew Goldberg, Robert Tarjan, and Yunhong Zhou.
    Experimental Evaluation of Parametric Max-Flow Algorithms
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