Elective in Computer Networks

Corso di Laurea in Ingegneria Informatica (magistrale)

 2009-2010, 3  credits

Prof.  Alberto Marchetti Spaccamela

VERY IMPORTANT: The  exams of ALL modules  should   be completed by September 2011.

Unit 2:  Models and methods for wireless and ad hoc networks


      The trend towards wireless communication affects more and
      more electronic devices in almost every sphere of life. Conventional
      networks rely on base stations, and the mobile devices exchange the
      data in a star-like fashion. In contrast, current research is mainly
      focused on networks that are completely unstructured, but are
      nevertheless able to communicate (via several hops), despite the low
      coverage of their antennas. Such systems are called sensor, ad hoc,
      or mesh networks, depending on the point of view and the application.
      Thousands of tiny computers, equipped with sensors, might be used  to
      monitor activities of interest: traffic in a city, ground humidity in
      agricolture, evidence of a possible vulcano explosion. After
      activation the sensors form a self-organized network and provide
      data. The goal of the course  is to elaborate the relevant aspects of
      the field, from theory to practice.
       - Introduction to WSN
      - Routing
      - Localization
      - Synchronization
      - Clustering
      - Time Synchronization


R.Wattenhofer F. Kuhn

Principles of distributed computing
free download  (thanks to the authors!) at

with reference to the textbook:   chapters 1 (no alg. 5 and 6), 2, 3, 4, 7.1 - 7.3, 10.1- 10.4, 12

Written Exam
The exam will consist of  2 or 3  questions. Here is the useful information.

Students should prepare a project. Please visit Prof. Vitaletti's home page for information and material concerning the project.

VERY IMPORTANT: The project and the written exams of all modules  should BOTH  be completed by September 2011.

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