EATCS statement by Alberto Marchetti Spaccamela

I am mostly interested in algorithms, as studied in ICALP track A but I also have contributed in applications of theory and algorithms to more applied areas such as networks, bioinformatics real time and embedded systems. In fact I strongly believe that theory should impact applications areas and -if elected - I will work to plan activities to favor  cross fertilization with other areas.

I think ICALP is doing well, tracks A and B are well-established and no major change is envisioned. Track C is open to new emerging areas and I am proud of having contributed to the area as co-chair of  track C in 2009 when the council to focus it on Foundations of networked computation.   With regard to track C  I think that we should try to increase the participation and the submissions to track C by broadening its scope.  I also think that the Council should investigate the option of adding a new parallel track D, whose topic should favour participation from all theory community. I also think that the Council should evaluate whether to reduce ICALP to four days.  Concerning publishing we should find the best solution for serving the community while maintaining the high quality.

Concerning prizes  EATCS has a number of awards that it confers and supports. I would be happy to contribute and coordinate the prizes trying to improve the coordination prizes  awarded in other communities.

EU funding
Last but not least  I think that ICALP should continue the effort in increasing the visibility and underlining the importance of funding theoretical research by EU and by individual countires. I know that this is a tantalizing topic but I think that the Council should dedicate a special effort should on such an issue.