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Welcome, visitor. As of October 2011 I joined IASI-CNR as a Ricercatore. This page is being maintained for my teaching activities at Sapienza University. You may also be interested in my old MPI Informatik homepage or my DBLP page.


   Gara di Programmazione 2015 @ Sapienza

Il Dipartimento di Informatica e il Dipartimento di Ingegneria Informatica, Automatica e Gestionale organizzano congiuntamente una competizione di programmazione in C, C++ e Java

   The Power of Algorithms

   Inspiration and Examples in Everyday Life

    a book edited by Giorgio Ausiello e Rossella Petreschi

To examine, analyze, and manipulate a problem to the point of designing an algorithm for solving it is an exercise of fundamental value in many fields. With so many everyday activities governed by algorithmic principles, the power, precision, reliability and speed of execution demanded by users have transformed the design and construction of algorithms from a creative, artisanal activity into a full-fledged science in its own right. This book is aimed at all those who exploit the results of this new science, as designers and as consumers.

The Power of Algorithms is published by Springer.

   La muffa Physarum e il problema del cammino minimo

La muffa mucillaginosa Physarum polycephalum sa calcolare il cammino minimo tra due nodi di un grafo: