November 2016: I am looking for master students interested in master theses on cryptography applied to software antiplagiarsim. If interested, please contact me.

Web Application Security

a 3-CFU (3-ECTS) learning module within the Elective in Computer Networks

Web Security and Privacy

Web Security section

Lectures started on Feb. 2017.

Lectures 2017

slides and other materials

For requesting a homework for WSaP, Web Security section, send an email to me, using your Sapienza identity with subject [WSaP HW RQST]. After my reply you will have two weeks for completing the homework. Homework and written test (register on Infostud) should be taken in the same academic year.

[May 25th, 2017] Issues in generating homeworks. I am working on it. I expect pending requests will be fulfilled within Sunday 28th, May. I apologise for the issue, due to some bug in the script. [May 28th, 2017] Fixed. All pending requests fulfilled.

Outcomes of WSaP (security section) / WAS of 24 July 2017.

Check the 2015 Who Has Your Back report from EFF.

Tweet su "#cybersecurity OR #privacy OR #infosecurity"

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