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Daraio C., Simar L. (2007), Advanced Robust and Nonparametric Methods in Efficiency Analysis. Methodology and Applications, Springer, New York (USA).

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Bonaccorsi A., Daraio C. (2007), Universities and Strategic Knowledge Creation. Specialization and Performance in Europe, PRIME Series on Research and Innovation Policy in Europe, Edward Elgar Publisher, Cheltenham (UK).


Curatela di Conference Proceedings


Daraio C. (2015), Efficiency, Effectiveness and Impact of Research and Innovation, Proceedings of the Workshop 20 February 2015 DIAG, Sapienza University of Rome, Efesto Edizioni, Roma, Maggio 2015, ISBN 9788899104306.


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Guest editor (con W. Glanzel) dello Special Issue della rivista Scientometrics (2016) in press: “Grand Challenges in Data Integration for Research and Innovation Policy: Handling Big Data, Coping with Quality Issues and Anticipating New Policy Needs. State of the Art and Future Perspectives”, Workshop ISSI 2015 29 June 2015 Istanbul.


Guest editor (con A. Bonaccorsi e A. Geuna) dello Special Issue “Universities in the new knowledge landscape. Tensions, challenges, change”, Vol. 48  pp. 1-104, Number 1  March, 2010, della rivista internazionale peer-reviewed Minerva -A Review of Science, Learning, and Policy.


Casella di testo: Pubblicazioni su riviste internazionali “peer-reviewed”


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Casella di testo: Capitoli in libri

Internazionali (peer-reviewed)


Bonaccorsi A., Daraio C. (2004), “Econometric approaches to the analysis of productivity of R&D systems. Production functions and production frontiers”, in H.F. Moed, W. Glanzel and U. Schmoch (edited by), Handbook of Quantitative Science and Technology Research, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 51-74.


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