Sapienza Università di Roma
Laurea Specialistica in Ingegneria Informatica
Master in Computer Engineering

Programma del Corso/Course Program
Seminari di Ingegneria del Software/Seminars in Computer Engineering

(Semantic Data and Service Integration)

Prof. Giuseppe De Giacomo


Teaching material
[1] Scientific papers on the issues treated in the course
[2] Course slides, 2007/08. Available on the course home page (see "Teaching material").

Course Program

    1. Conjunctive queries. First-order queries, conjunctive queries, homomorphism, conjunctive query containment, conjunctive query evaluation (expression and data complexity)

    2. Ontology-based data access. Ontologies, description logics, relationship with UML class diagrams and the Entity-Relationship model, conjunctive queries over description logic ontologies, DL-lite family (logspace data complexity), approximation, epistemic queries

    3. Semantic data integration. Data integration in the relational model, kinds of mapping (GAV, LAV, GLAV), incomplete information, data exchange, view-based query processing, Data integration using (DL-lite) ontologies.

    4. Service composition. Services, web services, e-services, technologies and models, behavioral models of services, bisimulation and simulation, synthesis, service composition based on behaviors.

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Laurea Specialistica in Ingegneria Informatica/Master in Computer Engineering, Sapienza Università di Roma