Daniele Cono D'Elia

Software artifacts

  • TinyVM (endorsed by the joint Artifact Evaluation process of CGO-PPoPP '16)

    OSRKit is a library that enables On-Stack Replacement (OSR) at arbitrary places in LLVM IR code. The artifact is designed to explore how OSRKit can instrument IR code to support OSR transitions in the LLVM MCJIT runtime environment. The artifact includes an interactive VM called TinyVM for loading, inspecting, instrumenting, and executing IR code.

    The artifact, available in the ACM Digital Library, ships as a preconfigured Oracle VirtualBox appliance.

  • k-BLPP   (endorsed by the Artifact Evaluation Committee of OOPSLA '13)

    An implementation for Jikes RVM of the multi-iteration path profiling technique described in Ball-Larus Path Profiling Across Multiple Loop Iterations.

    A VirtualBox image is available here along with an archive containing a "Getting Started" guide, while the sole source code can be found also on the Jikes RVM Research Archive.


  • HCCT

    A space-efficient hot calling context profiler. Implements the technique described in Mining Hot Calling Contexts in Small Space (PLDI '11). Source and documentation available on GitHub.


  • A C implementation and an introduction (Mining heavy hitters with Space-Saving, intended for teaching purposes) to the Space-Saving algorithm for counting frequent items in data streams.