Seminars in Rome

The list of the next seminars in rome

Rome offers several stimulating events in computer science and engineering:

  • Seminars on Computer Science and Engineering: Talks are intended to promote cross-fertilization among various research groups in computer science and engineering, to describe and survey active lines of research, and to disseminate novel research results.

  • Interdeparmental Seminar on Algorithms: A joint cycle of seminars of the Department of Computer and Systems Science (DIS) and of the Department of Computer Science (DI) of the University of Rome "La Sapienza". The seminars are devoted to the study of algorithms in a general sense. In addition to the classical theoretical and experimental aspects of algorithmics, a broad spectrum of topics is considered, including computational complexity, engineering and applications, operations research, and discrete mathematics. The seminars are open to every discipline in which algorithmics finds an application.