International School of Mathematics "G. Stampacchia"

59th Workshop

Nonlinear Optimization: a Bridge from Theory to Applications

June 10 - 17, 2013






Invited lecturers who confirmed their participation are:


Alfio Borzý, University of Wurzburg, Germany 

A Fokker-Planck Strategy for the Optimal Control of Stochastic Processes   abstract


Vladimir F. Demyanov, University of St. Petersburg, Russia

Constructive optimality conditions in nonsmooth optimization     abstract


Daniela di Serafino, II UniversitÓ di Napoli, Italy

On preconditioning in large-scale optimization: updating techniques for sequences of linear systems    abstract


Francisco Facchinei, SAPIENZA UniversitÓ di Roma, Italy

Complex Variational Inequalities and Applications   abstract


David Y. Gao, University of Ballarat, Australia

Canonical Duality Theory: a Bridge from Mathematical Optimization  to Real-World Applications   abstract


Manlio Gaudioso, UniversitÓ della Calabria, Italy

Nonsmooth Optimization Techniques  in Practical Optimization Problems    abstract


Tom Luo, University of Minnesota, USA

On the Linear Convergence of the Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers    abstract


Kaisa Miettinen, University of Jyvńskylń, Finland

Experiences of Interactive Multiobjective Optimization and Some Engineering Applications  abstract


Laura Palagi, SAPIENZA UniversitÓ di Roma, Italy

An Exact Algorithm for Nonconvex Quadratic Integer Minimization using Ellipsoidal Relaxations   abstract


Jong-Shi Pang, University of Illinois, USA

Recent Applications of Nash Equilibrium  in Engineering Economics   abstract


Stephen Robinson, University of Wisconsin, USA

Reduction Methods for Variational Conditions    abstract


Gesualdo Scutari, State University of New York at Buffalo, USA

Parallel Optimization of Large-Scale Multi-Agent Systems  abstract


Gerhard W. Weber, Middle East Technical University, Turkey

Recent Advances in Optimization and Optimal Control of Stochastic Dynamics ---
Applications in Finance, Economics and Life Sciences            


Ya-xiang Yuan, Chinese Academy of Science, China

 An Augmented Lagrangian trust region method for equality constrained optimization  abstract










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