Understanding ontologies

Graphol offers a completely visual representation of ontologies to users, in order to help understanding by people who are not skilled in logic.

Ontology design

Graphol provides designers with simple graphical primitives for ontology editing, avoiding complex textual syntax. Graphol's basic components are inspired by Entity-Relationship(ER) diagrams, thus ontologies that can be rendered as ER diagrams have in Graphol a similar diagrammatic shape.


Graphol allows to express SROIQ(D) TBoxes, thus it is suited for graphically representing OWL 2 ontologies. Through the Eddy Graphol editor one can draw ontologies in Graphol and export them in OWL 2.

Graphol in action

Graphol is used successfully to represent ontologies in many projects with both italian and international partners, among which: Graphol is also used in the following academic projects to model ontologies:
  • GenData
  • Onto ricerca
  • Onto Sapienza
  • OBODM - Ontology-based Open Data Management

Creative Commons License

Graphol is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.