Contribute to the Dataset

Dear roboticist,
we kindly ask your contribution in populating the dataset with more and more annotations and environments! It is very important, in fact, to have several benchmarking data for testing semantic mapping methods.
To share your data, please contact us!

Create a new Ground-Truth

Generate a new semantic map ground-truth. It must be composed of:

  • a unique reference system
  • a metric map (2D or 3D) generated with real sensor data
  • a concept hierarchy (compliant with this)

For example, you can start by following this pipeline.

  1. Download our software and Protégé
  2. Read our tutorials
  3. If needed, calibrate your sensors
  4. Log and acquire data
  5. Generate the metric map
  6. Populate the base concept hierarchy
  7. Contact us to share your data

Extend the Concept Hierarchies

If you are using (or planning to use) our dataset, and you think something is missing in the concept hierarchy, help us:

  1. Download the concept hierarchies in the dataset
  2. Extend them with relevant knowledge
  3. Keep them consistent
  4. Contact us to update the dataset with your data

For example, in following this pipeline, you can extend the OWL-DL concept hierarchies by using Protégé.