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ontologyMinimal concept hierarchy that should be used in a semantic map. The file contains an OWL-DL taxonomy generated with Protégé. This taxonomy is a part of the common "interface" among all the semantic maps which has been proposed. Of course, this can be easily extended or specialized as needed.

Note that:

  • The predicates is-a and instance-of represent respectively: the subclass relation, meaning that if is-a(B, A) holds, the class B is a subclass of the class A and every instance of B is also an instance of A; the membership relation, meaning that if instance-of (a, A) holds, the individual a belongs to the class A;
  • Some predicates can have a function-like behavior, meaning that they can occur only once for each individual. For example, if dealing with the classes Person and IDNumber, the predicate hasId(X, Y) occurs only once for each instance of Person and IDNumber.