Stefano Leonardi

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Full Professor
Algorithm Theory, Economics and Computation, Web Algorithmics and Data Mining

Department of Computer, Control and Management Engineering Antonio Ruberti
Sapienza University of Rome
Via Ariosto 25
00185 Roma

phone: +39-06-7727 4022
fax: +39-06-7727 4022
e-mail: leonardi -- at --

Research interests: Approximation algorithms, Online algorithms, Algorithmic Game Theory and Mechanism Design, Network Design, Scheduling, Web Search and Data Mining, Large-scale Complex Networks, Online Social Networks.

New! Google Technologies for Cloud and Web Development

New! Conference General Chair with Aldo Gangemi and Alessandro Panconesi, WWW 2015, to be held in Florence in April 2015.

New! Google Focused Award 2014 - 2015, Web Algorithmics for Large-scale Data Analysis.

New! Laboratory on Web Algorithmics and Data Mining

Current Program Committees: WWW 2014, Crowd Phenomena, Track Chair, EC 2014, EC 2014 Workshop on Social Computing and User Generated Content, SAGT 2014




PhD Students


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