Paolo Liberatore: Research

Research Interests

Knowledge Representation, Nonmonotonic Reasoning, Belief Revision, Computational Complexity, Reasoning about actions, Planning.


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Send me an email if you would like to read a paper of mine that is not available on-line.


Comparative Succinctness of Knowledge Representation Formalisms: Powerpoint, Postscript.


I have been in the program committe of ECSQARU-2001, KR-2002, NMR-2002, ECSQARU-2003, and KR-2004. I was co-chair, with Thierry Vidal, of STAIRS-2002. I was an associate editor of JAIR (Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research).

is a system for belief revision. It works by linearly combining the reliability of the sources of information to integrate. It can be tested on the WWW using a CGI interface. The implementation is still very limited (e.g. it do not work for more than eight variables). If you find any bug, please send me an email.
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