Theses available under the supervision of Massimo Mecella
( Last update : 13 December 2015 )

A few available theses are available for students at the master level (in a reduced form also for bachelor students performing their "stage interno" - 6 / 9 / 12 credits or about depending if you are in the 509 system or 207 one). No specific pre-requisite is needed, just the willingness to challenge yourself with novel problems and an attitude to both theory and practice/design and development skills (no thesis is pure theorethical, all theses have some realization part about your envisioned technique, etc.)

Theses on SmartPM project : this is an accademic/scientific project about flexibility in process management systems, as presented during the Seminars in Software and Services for the Information Society. Attitute to investigate theoretical and formal issues and to translate them into effective software prototypes is highly appreciated. Some thesis are about the improvement of the existing tool, and a deep user evaluation of the overall approach. Another thesis is on the development of the Planlet approach on-top-of YAWL ( cf. Andrea Marrella, Alessandro Russo, Massimo Mecella: Planlets: Automatically Recovering Dynamic Processes in YAWL. OTM Conferences (1) 2012: 268-286 ). Involved technologies : Java, BPMN, YAWL, planning tools
Theses on gamification approaches for simulating smart spaces : this is an accademic/scientific project about building a simulator of smart spaces based on user providing "seeds" of their daily activities through serious games. Attitute to investigate issues at the intersection between games, computer graphics and smart spaces and to translate them into effective software prototypes is highly appreciated. Involved technologies : Unity 3D, RESTful services, and existing prototype built in Java

Theses on habit mining : this is an accademic/scientific project about mining user habits in smart spaces, and in effective closed-loop approches for presenting them to users and having users confirming/rejecting them. Some background on data mining and/or machine learning is appreciated, even if not strictly required. Useful readings to start from:
- T. Magherini, A. Fantechi, C.D. Nugent, E. Vicario: Using Temporal Logic and Model Checking in Automated Recognition of Human Activities for Ambient-Assisted Living. Human-Machine Systems, IEEE Transactions on  (Volume:43 ,  Issue: 6)
- PhD thesis of Francesco Leotta (available on request)
- K. Gani, M. Bouet, M. Schneider, F. Toumani: Formal Modeling and Analysis of Home Care Plans. ICSOC 2014: 494-501

Theses on advanced user interfaces and gamification for cultural heritage : this is a research industrial project in the context of the NEPTIS project (Sicilian district for cultural heritage). In the project, some companies are involved (e.g., Engineering, etc.) as well as research centers. Involved techniques : mobile development platforms, SDK for augmented and virtual reality, gamification approaches

Theses on Intelligent Pedagocical Agents (IPAs) and Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) : this is an accademic project about the adoption of gamification approaches to high school teaching, based on IPAs and VLEs (cf. Annalisa Terracina, Massimo Mecella: Gaming@School: Combining Virtual Learning Environments and Intelligent Pedagogical Agents for a new Approach to Classroom Lessons. Proc. 8th European Conference on Games Based Learning - ECGBL 2014 ). Involved technologies : Natural Language Processing toolkits, Reallusion Crazytalk, Python, RESTful services.

In particular the app Game@School ( has been already developed, the next step of the project is to realize a game with Unity3D (according to the specification below, in Italian).

Il gioco (di ruolo) è pensato per studenti di scuola media superiore per insegnare materie scientifiche, in particolare fisica. Gli studenti formeranno, all’interno della classe, delle squadre, ricopriranno ruoli e risolveranno problemi. Scopo del gioco, conquistare un esopianeta, ossia un pianeta simile alla Terra per caratteristiche di abitabilità. Sotto le prime scene del gioco attualmente in fase di realizzazione.
Attualmente sono da  inserire diverse funzionalità che corrispondono a diversi argomenti di tesi, tra le quali:

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