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Italian National Committee RoboCup

Teams (2006)

ALCOR-Rescue Real Rescue Univ. Roma "La Sapienza"
ALCOR-Home RoboCup@Home Univ. Roma "La Sapienza"
Artisti Humanoid-Kid Univ. Padova
I2 Project Humanoid-Teen Politecnico Torino
MRL Mid-size Politecnico Milano
Robocare RoboCup@Home ISTC-CNR, Roma
SPQR-Legged Four-Legged Univ. Roma "La Sapienza"
SPQR-Rescue Real Rescue Univ. Roma "La Sapienza"
SPQR-Virtual Simulation Virtual Rescue Univ. Roma "La Sapienza"

Italian RoboCup Committee Members (2006)

Daniele Nardi  Coordinator and RoboCup Trustee Univ. Roma "La Sapienza"
Enrico Pagello RoboCup Trustee Univ. Padova
Andrea Bonarini RoboCup Executive Politecnico Milano
Stefano Caselli Univ. Parma
Amedeo Cesta ISTC-CNR, Roma
Antonio Chella Univ. Palermo
Antonio Cisternino Univ. Pisa
Paolo Fiorini Univ. Verona
Giovanni Indiveri Univ. Lecce
Luca Iocchi Univ. Roma "La Sapienza"
Matteo Matteucci Politecnico Milano
Emanuele Menegatti Univ. Padova
Fiora Pirri Univ. Roma "La Sapienza"
Giampaolo Pucci RoboCup Junior
Giuseppe Oriolo Univ. Roma "La Sapienza"
Rosario Sorbello Univ. Palermo
Domenico Sorrenti Univ. Milano Bicocca
Alberto Tarizzo

Politecnico Torino

Information on RoboCup

The website of the RoboCup Federation provides the most important information on RoboCup (General Information, current and past events, regulations of the different leagues, software, publications, contacts). Bremen (Germany) hosts the RoboCup 2006, taking place from June 14th - 20th 2006!

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