Elective in Software and Services (academic year 2013/2014)


Who is the professor that is responsible of the course (2013/2014). Prof. Giuseppe Santucci.

Who is the professor that is responsible of the course (2014/2015). Prof. Giuseppe De Giacomo.

For whom is this course. This 12 credits course is for the students of the Master of Science in Engineering of Computer Science (School of Information Engineering) of the Sapienza Università di Roma. The course is taught in English, and there will be no edition in Italian. This course is one of the characterizing courses of the section "Software and services for the information society". This course is also for students of the PhD program in Engineering in Computer Science. Typically, such students will follow only one or two sections.
Which is the structure of the course. The course is structured in 4 sections, which are described below. Each section corresponds to 3 credits, is constituted by approximately 24 lectures, and is taught by a professor in a given semester (note that different sections are taught in different semesters). Students will do the exam for the various sections, and for each section, they must follow the indications given in the web page of the section. The final exam will be registered by the course coordinator (Prof. Giuseppe Santucci), and the grade will depend on the grades obtained in the various sections. Not all student will take all the sections of this course. For example, a student who have a 6 credit exam given in a previous Corso di Laurea that has been approved by the Consiglio d'Area as valid for 6 credit in elective, will take only 6 credits for this course, and therefore follow only 2 sections, and, generally, s/he will decide which sections to choose. As another example, a student who is interested in a section of another Elective of the Master in Engineering of Computer Science, may ask to follow such section instead of one the 4 sections listed below.
Registration of the exam When a student has passed the exam of the required sections, s/he should send a message to Prof. Giuseppe Santucci(santucci [at] dis.uniroma1.it) asking to register the exam. Please, look at the news in this page for the dates where registration is scheduled.
When are the lectures of the different sections scheduled? Section 3 is scheduled in the first semester, whereas Sections 1,2 and 4 are scheduled in the second semester. Follow the "additional information" link of each section (see below) for the exact schedule of the corresponding lectures.
What to do to follow this course. The student who wants to follow this course in the academic year 2013/2014 must send an e-mail to Prof. Giuseppe Santucci (santucci [at] dis.uniroma1.it) two weeks before exam registration specifying the sections s/he has followed with the associated grades.


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