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Student Projects

During the school, to each student will be assigned a project and a tutor (senior researcher) that will assist the student through the development of the project.

Selected Projects

  • App Sandboxing for Stock Android
    • Students: Iannillo, Zoppi, Continella
    • Tutor: L. Romano
  • Design a secure federated cloud
    • Students: Compagno, Sicuranza
    • Tutor: L. Mancini
  • Bringing PCI Data Security Standard on the Cloud
    • Students: Lombardi, Zinno, Viticchié, Zhao
    • Tutor: L. Querzoni
  • Continuous Biometric Authentication: Build your Authentication System
    • Students: Papale, Verde, Paraiola
    • Tutor: A. Ceccarelli, A. Bondavalli
  • DDoS and Cloud
    • Students: Giordano, Rosiello, Cerullo
    • Tutor: F. Buccafurri
  • Multisensor Data Fusion for DoS detection fighting Anonymous troops
    • Students: Starace, Mazzeo, Campanini
    • Tutor: L. Coppolino S. D'Antonio
  • Threat analysis of the Cortina Electric Grid
    • Students: Caselli, Masetti, Brienza
    • Tutor: A. Ceccarelli
  • Tor Project
    • Students: Nicolazzo, Fotia, Schiavone
    • Tutor: V. Sassone