MSc Engineering in Computer Science
SAPIENZA UniversitÓ di Roma

Service Integration

(Section of Elective in Software and Services)


Prof. Giuseppe De Giacomo


This is the is the old site of the course "Service Integration", which is a section of Elective in Software and Services. Please refer to the new course site.

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Services, sometimes called web-services or e-services, are platform agnostic programs that publicly declare and export their behavior so as to be invoked by interested clients. Services are typically associated to standard software programs that actually implement their behavior. Service Integration is the problem of combining (or "composing") services and using them so as to provide new services of interests to the client even if these new services are not directly linked to concrete software programs. In this section, we investigate the formal foundations on automated service integration and composition. We mainly concentrate on integration of process-oriented services (vs. integration of data oriented services, which is quite close to data integration thought in a different section of the course), and we establish connection to planning in AI, on the one hand, and connection to reactive process-synthesis and verification in CS, on the other. We will also look into richer formalisms to describing processes: specifically workflows and artifact-centic business processes. For both we will use forms of automated synthesis tools. The course will focus on theoretical aspects of compositions as well as on practical realization techniques and available realization technologies.

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