M.Sc Course:
Artifact-centric Process Modeling and Execution in SIENA
By Terry Heath (Fenno F. Heath III)
(Senior Software Engineer - IBM Research - T.J. Watson Research Center, NY, USA)
Fall 2009


Classically, Business Process Management (BPM) applications are developed and deployed by large IT teams using complex tools and development methods. These methods assume fixed, well-defined requirements in advance and the resulting solutions are typically inflexible and frequently get in the way of business process innovation. By contrast, Siena is a radically simplified approach that allows for the modeling and execution of business process designs based on an Artifact-Centric modeling approach.Siena explores: 1. a radically new agile method for developing BPM applications that let innovators focus on business transformation; 2. a radically simplified modeling tool that empowers innovators to model and manage the entire application lifecycle of BPM applications; 3. a standard XML representation/model of a BPM application; 4. a web 2.0 model execution engine that reduces dependency on large development teams to rapidly develop and deploy BPM solutions.


This course is part of Elective in Software and Services (Complementi di software e servizi per la societÓ dell'informazione) Section "Service Integration" 2009/10 taught by Giuseppe De Giacomo. Lectures are shared with the Ph.D in Computing Science and Engineering program. The course is held at DIS, in Via Ariosto 25 with the following calendar:
Wed. Dec. 2, 2009: 18.00 -- 19:30
Fri. Dec. 4. 2009: 11.30 -- 13.00
Wed. Dec. 9, 2009: 18.00 -- 19:30
Fri. Dec. 11, 2009: 11.30 -- 13.00
Tue. Dec. 15, 2009: 18:00 -- 19.30


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  3. CaseStudies - By Alessio Cantoro and Patrizia Carello
Giuseppe De Giacomo
Dipartamento di Informatica e Sistemistica,
SAPIENZA Universita di Roma