ESSLLI-98 Workshop on
Reasoning about Actions: Foundations and Applications
August 17 - 21, 1998

A workshop held as part of the
10th European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information (ESSLLI-98)
August 17 - 28, 1998, Saarbrueken, Germany


The research on Reasoning about Actions in Artificial Intelligence has recently made substantial progress in both foundational problems and on applications. From the theoretical side, issues such as complex actions, nonterminating behaviors, online planning and execution, reactivity, multiple agents, have been investigated, uncovering connections (but also differences) with other research areas in Computer Science such as Semantics of Programs, Formal Specification and Verification of Programs, and Discrete Control Theory. From the applications side, progresses made in Robotics allow for mapping high level actions into complex low level behaviors that blend the high-level commands with sophisticated reactive mechanisms. In this way the high level representation can avoid to deal with low level details, thus making reasoning about actions feasible in practice.

Workshop Format:

The workshop will consist of five sessions of 90 minutes each. Two of these session will be dedicated to broad spectrum talks. In particular there will be there will be two invited lectures:

The rest of the sessions will be dedicated to technical presentations. There will be three presentations at each session with time for questions and discussion.


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Further Information:

For further information please contact Giuseppe De Giacomo or Daniele Nardi.