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Angeletti Fabio, Chatzigiannakis Ioannis, Vitaletti Andrea
The role of blockchain and IoT in recruiting participants for digital clinical trials. 2017 25th International Conference on Software, Telecommunications and Computer Networks (SoftCOM) 2017: 427-431


Chatzigiannakis Ioannis, Vitaletti Andrea, Pyrgelis Apostolos
Chatzigiannakis Ioannis
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Chatzigiannakis Ioannis
Communication in Ad Hoc Mobile Networks Using Random Walks. Encyclopedia of Algorithms 2016: 357-362

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Key Establishment in Wireless Sensor Networks. Security in RFID and Sensor Networks 2016: 341-360

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Preface. 43rd International colloquium on automata, languages, and programming ICALP 2016, Rome, Italy, July 12–15, 2016 2016: xv-xvi

Massri Khalil, Vitaletti Andrea, Vernata Alessandro, Chatzigiannakis Ioannis


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A Glimpse at Paul G. Spirakis. Algorithms, Probability, Networks, and Games - Scientific Papers andEssays Dedicated to Paul G. Spirakis on the Occasion of His 60th Birthday 2015: 3-24

Chatzigiannakis Ioannis, Valchinov Emil Stoyanov, Antoniou Athanasios, Kalogeras Athanasios, Alexakos Christos, Konstantinopoulos Panagiotis
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Nikou Athina, Chatzigiannakis Ioannis
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Design and implementation of a platform for smart connected school buildings. Proceedings of Workshop and Poster Papers of the European Conference on Ambient Intelligence 2015 (AmI-15) 2015: -

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Chatzigiannakis Ioannis
Pioneering the Establishment of the Foundations of the Internet of Things. Algorithms, Probability, Networks, and Games 2015: 154-168


Othon Michail, Chatzigiannakis Ioannis, Paul G. Spirakis
Causality, influence, and computation in possibly disconnected synchronous dynamic networks. JOURNAL OF PARALLEL AND DISTRIBUTED COMPUTING 2014: 2016-2026

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Chantzis Konstantinos, Amaxilatis Dimitrios, Chatzigiannakis Ioannis, Rolim Jose
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Mertzios George B., Michail Othonas, Chatzigiannakis Ioannis, Spirakis Paul G.
Temporal network optimization subject to connectivity constraints. Automata, Languages, and Programming 2013: 657-668

Chatzigiannakis Ioannis, Othon Michail, Stavros Nikolaou, Paul G. Spirakis
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