Daniele Cono Delia

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Stanza: B221
Tel: +39 0677274003
I'm a postdoctoral researcher in the SEASON Lab at Sapienza University of Rome and a member of the CIS Sapienza research center for Cyber Intelligence and Information Security.
I took my PhD in computer engineering in June 2016 under the supervision of Camil Demetrescu. I've been a visiting scholar at Purdue University in 2014, working with Jan Vitek. I teach Sistemi di Calcolo since Fall 2016 and I'm part of the CyberChallenge.IT organizing team.


Riconoscimenti e premi: 

 Excellent graduate student award from the Alumni Noi Sapienza Association

Interessi di ricerca: 

My research interests involve programming languages and security. I'm passionate about compilers, program analysis, algorithm engineering, and optimization techniques. In my dissertation, I tackled two topical problems in adaptive program optimization: fine-grained performance profiling and on-stack replacement.