(Updated: 16 February 2021)

Former students of the Master in Control Engineering at Sapienza, with information on graduation and first placement after the degree.

List of graduated students (in reverse order by graduation date) in:

Academic year 2020/21

Date Name Title of Master thesis Advisor 1st Work
Mar 2021 Aslihan
Analysis and Design of Current Regulators for Surface Mounted Permanent Magnet Machines using Complex Vector Notation Giulii Capponi Control Eng. presso Brain Technologies (Torino)
Mar 2021 Riccardo
Train reference speed optimization for HD-ERTMS system using Model Predictive Control Delli Priscoli RFI – Rete Ferroviaria Italiana
Mar 2021 Omar Ashraf Ahmed Khairy
An analysis of fisheye camera for relocalization and tracking Grisetti ...
Mar 2021 Adelina
Minimum-time motion along a geometric path for two cooperating manipulator robots De Luca AIT/AIV Engineer for VEGA-C project at AVIO, Rome
May 2021 Ilayda
Kalman Filter Based Detection Method for False Data Injection Attacks in Smart Grids Pietrabissa Smart Vehicle Development Engineer at FEV Turkey
May 2021 Danilo
De Angelis
Comparative analysis of DC and AC false data injection attacks against state estimation in smart grids Delli Priscoli Consultant at Proconsul Group
May 2021 Francesco
Fire Detection in imaging data: analysis and implementation Delli Priscoli Thales Alenia Space Italia (TAS-I), Roma
May 2021 Federico
Adaptive drone patrolling for wildfire management Delli Priscoli ...
May 2021 Marco
Modeling and control of an Underwater ROV equipped with a manipulator Monaco SPINITALIA s.r.l.
May 2021 Alessandro
A dynamic simulator for the da Vinci Robotic Surgery System Vendittelli ...
May 2021 Lorenzo
Optimal self-balancing control of a motorcycle Pepe Test and Product development for the team ADAS Valdidation and Integration at Maserati (Modena)
Jul 2021 Luca
Artificial Intelligence Approaches For Predictive Maintenance Applied To The Aosta District Heating Plant Corsini Data Scientist at Terna s.p.a.
Jul 2021 Alessandro
On The Application Of Machine Learning Approaches For The Optimization Of Industrial Assembly Lines Delli Priscoli ...
Jul 2021 Omar Magdy Ahmad Nabawy
Extension Of Is-Mpc To A Lip Model With Virtual-Mass Ellipsoid Oriolo ...
Jul 2021 Fabian Marcelo
Lopez Chamorro
Mpc-Based Humanoid Gait Generation With Robustness To Persistent And Impulsive Disturbances. Oriolo ...
Jul 2021 Alessandro
Suboptimal Control Of Mobile Electromagnet For Advanced Actuation Of Soft Robots Vendittelli PhD Student at Technical University of Delft (Delft Center for Systems and Control Dept.)
Oct 2021 Lucky Neil Cabral
Mathematical models and algorithms for the optimization of industrial assembly lines: a comparison between dynamic programming, heuristics and machine learning methodologies Delli Priscoli ...
Oct 2021 Christian
Mobile Robot Control via MPC with Control Barrier Functions: Validation in the simulated Duckietown Environment Oriolo ...
Oct 2021 Ahmed Samir Taha Mohamed
Minimum-Time Rest-to-Rest Motion for a Robot with Elastic Joints under Max Torque Limits De Luca ...
Oct 2021 Gaetano
Fault diagnosis for a tilted hexarotor UAV using unknown input observers Cristofaro Avionic System Engineer presso AVIO SPA
Oct 2021 Seyedamirmohammad
Analyzing Nonlinearity of Reset Control Systems with Coherence Function Pietrabissa ...
Oct 2021 Damoon
An LSTM-based approach for QoS and load prediction in HPC systems Napoli ...
Oct 2021 Riccardo
Advanced algorithms for load balancing and QoS management in heterogeneous networks Delli Priscoli ...
Oct 2021 Pietro
Feedback Control of Elastically Decoupled Underactuated Soft Robots De Luca PhD ABRO Sapienza
Oct 2021 Luca
A complete framework for the problem of trading in electricity market and control applied to renewable energy and storage system Di Giorgio ...
Oct 2021 Luis Gonzalo
Villagran Corrales
Multi-UAV trajectory generation using Reinforcement Learning Iocchi ...
Jan 2022 Fulvio
Di Profio
Is it possible to achieve a joint mitigation effort, merging two different network modelling and control approaches to the same epidemic? A proposal Monaco ...
Jan 2022 Andrew Sabry Messiha
MPC based gait generation for humanoids with non-convex kinematic constraints Oriolo ...
Jan 2022 Ahmad
Real-time 3D Object Reconstruction for Robotic Teleoperation Vendittelli ...
Jan 2022 Emanuele
Soft Robotics: Modeling and Control De Luca ...
Jan 2022 Andrea
Reinforcement Learning for Optimal Feedback Control in Real-time Applications De Luca ...
Jan 2022 Francesco
Cooperative Transportation with Humanoid Robots using Model Predictive Control Oriolo ...

Academic year 2019/20

Date Name Title of Master thesis Advisor 1st Work
Jan 2021 Nima
Safe Human-Robot Interaction: A Real-time Obstacle Avoidance for a UR3 cobot De Luca R&D Robotics Engineer Alascom s.r.l. Milano
Jan 2021 Shah
Decentralized Control of Electric Vehicle Charging Delli Priscoli Researcher at Capital University of Sciences and Technology (Pakistan)
Jan 2021 Francesco
Performance Analysis and Implementation of Traditional and Complex Electro Motive Force Observer in Surface Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine Giulii Capponi PhD in Electrical, Materials, Raw Materials and Nanotechnology Engineering, Sapienza
Jan 2021 Federica
Design and implementation of a data driven infomobility system Beraldi Software Developer at ARES2T
Jan 2021 Godwin Kwadwo
Optimal Control of Reconfigurable Multi-Battery Systems Delli Priscoli PhD student at the Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden
Jan 2021 Federico
Autonomous and mobile manipulator robot for hydroponic greenhouse picking tasks Oriolo Ricercatore presso Leonardo Labs (Leonardo SpA e IIT)
Jan 2021 Alessandro
Forest fire prediction from satellite data using deep convolutional neural networks Delli Priscoli ...
Jan 2021 Chiara
Hierarchical Control for network data traffic: from users to access points Delli Priscoli SMARTBLUE SrL
Jan 2021 Khaled Hassan Fouad
Differential-Geometric Techniques to Model and Control Acrobatic Maneuvers of a Fully-actuated UAV De Luca ...
Oct 2020 Abdelrahman
An Efficient Paradigm for Feasibility Guarantees in Legged Locomotion De Luca PhD presso IIT & Univ. Genova (Dynamic Legged Systems Lab)
Oct 2020 Barbara
Intrinsically Stable MPC for Humanoid Gait Generation: from Linear to Nonlinear Oriolo PhD ABRO Sapienza
Oct 2020 Tommaso
A Model Predictive Control approach to safe vehicle control using Control Barrier Functions Oriolo PhD ABRO Sapienza
Oct 2020 Emanuele
Della Corte
Quadratic filtering for target tracking in glint noise environment Battilotti Digital Process Engineer presso Fater S.p.A
Oct 2020 Chiara
A Reinforcement Learning-based Technique for Optimal Scheduling of Industrial Production Line Delli Priscoli Consultant at ELIS Innovation Hub
Oct 2020 Federico
Deep Neural Network for Personalized Medicine Pietrabissa CEDEL - Data analyst
Oct 2020 Cesar
Optimization and Predictive Control on the Rocket Assembly Process at the Kourou European Spaceport Delli Priscoli ...
Oct 2020 Daniele
Design and implementation of a distributed control system for load balancing in fog networks Delli Priscoli Research Fellow at "Istituto Nazionale Di Fisica Nucleare", Particle Accelerators division - Control section
Oct 2020 Francesco
Gap-crossing with the CENTAURO robot: Planning via probabilistic sampling and nonlinear optimization Oriolo PhD student in bioengineering and robotics, Univ. Genova/IIT
Oct 2020 Akbota
User and Entity Behavior Analytics in IT Cybersecurity: Machine Learning in Insider Threat Detection Delli Priscoli ENI SpA
Oct 2020 Matteo
Gap-crossing with the CENTAURO robot: whole-body motion generation and control Oriolo PhD Student and Research Assistant, Photogrammetry and Robotics Lab, University of Bonn (DE)
Oct 2020 Andrea
Active Vibration Compensation for Attitude Control of a Flexible Satellite Delli Priscoli PhD ABRO Sapienza
Oct 2020 Andrea
Feedback Linearization Control of a Space Manipulator for Active Debris Removal Delli Priscoli PhD ABRO Sapienza
Jul 2020 Mario
Continuous learning in Gazebo simulated environment using grasping point estimator YOGO De Luca Control Engineer, JOiiNT LAB IIT (Bergamo)
Jul 2020 Lucrezia
Della Torre
AdaFed: an adaptive performance-based framework for federated learning Pietrabissa Data Scientist presso Technip Energies (Roma)
Jul 2020 Roberta
Di Tucci
Robot navigation with reactive collision avoidance: Application to a differential-drive UGV Oriolo Data Analyst, Michelin (Cuneo)
Jul 2020 Tommaso
Obstacle prediction for task-constrained motion planning via real-time MPC Oriolo ...
Jul 2020 Danilo
Model Predictive Control for satellite formation flying with collision avoidance Pietrabissa PhD ABRO Sapienza
May 2020 Aiza
Global Period Estimation for Periodic Signals :Application to Robot Synchronization Vendittelli ...

Academic year 2018/19

Date Name Title of Master thesis Advisor 1st Work
Jan 2020 Etienne
MES solutions for the digitalization of industry Pietrabissa INDEFF (BE)
Jan 2020 Michela
Ricciardi Celsi
Deep quaternion neural networks for 3D sound event detection and localization Uncini Intecs Solutions SPA (Roma)
Jan 2020 Antonio
Automatic pick and place of iron rods with vision system applied to a 6-DOF industrial robot De Luca Schnell (Fano)
Oct 2019 Youssef
Control of a fully actuated aerial robot for the MBZIRC challenge Oriolo PhD Robotics and Mechatronics Group, University of Twente
Oct 2019 Amr
Pick and place with a fully actuated aerial platform for the MBZIRC challenge Oriolo PhD student at University of Twente
Oct 2019 Lorenzo
Learning rich features with a two-stream faster R-CNN for image manipulation detection Pietrabissa Elis Consulting and Labs (Roma)
Oct 2019 Ege
Development and evaluation of a control approach for a low temperature district heating network with a high share of waste heat Pietrabissa PhD ELR TU Dortmund (DE)
Oct 2019 Alessia
De Matteis
AHP and game theory oriented approach for QoS aware bandwidth allocation in heterogeneous wireless networks Delli Priscoli System Engineer, Telespazio S.p.A.
Oct 2019 Cheikh
El Bou
Estimation for social network structure Monaco PhD Università Libera di Bolzano
Oct 2019 Ahmed
Kinematic and dynamic analysis of a Remote Center of Motion for KUKA LWR in robot-assisted minimally invasive surgery Vendittelli ...
Oct 2019 Rana
Neural networks and genetic algorithms for the load forecasting and the unit committment problems: A case study Delli Priscoli ...
Oct 2019 Valerio
Perception-aware human assisted navigation of mobile robots on persistent trajectories Oriolo ...
Oct 2019 Vahid
Passive control of long-range metamaterials Carcaterra ...
Oct 2019 Filippo
Robustness to disturbances in humanoid gait generation via MPC Oriolo PhD ABRO Sapienza
Jul 2019 Enrico
Continuous and finite control set Model Predictive Control for an induction motor drive Giulii Capponi ...
Jul 2019 Manuel
Backing up a tractor-trailer vehicle via intrinsically stable Model Predictive Control Oriolo Thales Alenia Space
May 2019 Giuseppe
On-Line tuning of rotor time constant for indirect vector control of induction machines Giulii Capponi ...
May 2019 Davide
Nonlinear Model Predictive Control with multi-rate planning: A possible application to autonomous vehicles Monaco Thales Alenia Space
Mar 2019 Manuel
Data analytics and machine learning for pattern discovery in car insurance services Delli Priscoli PhD ABRO Sapienza
Mar 2019 Andrea
Deep learning-based anomaly detection for smart meter data Scarpiniti TIM-Telecom Italia SPA (Roma)
Mar 2019 Antonio
Leveraging deep neural networks for the anonymization of car images in the insurance domain Delli Priscoli Elys Consulting

Academic Year 2017/18

Date Name Title of Master thesis Advisor 1st Work
Jan 2019 Luca
Autonomous car driving: A new control strategy Carcaterra Ferrari (Modena)
Jan 2019 Paolo
Design of an orbit controllwr and sizing of the propulsion system Monaco ON-AIR Consulting & Solutions (Roma)
Jan 2019 Andrea
Locomotion and manipulation in a virtual world De Luca Comau (Torino)
Jan 2019 Lucrezia
A MPC based heating system for demand response programs in smart buildings Di Giorgio ...
Oct 2018 Anoop
Definition, design and analysis of a proof-of-concept to test an advanced interference localization technique for satellite communication (SATCOM) systems Delli Priscoli ...
Oct 2018 Simone
Optimal energy storage system placement for counterracting cyber-physical attacks in power transmission networks Di Giorgio Consulente IT in Elis Consulting and Labs
Oct 2018 Leonardo
On the structural controllability of networks: The case of the eMID interbank lending market Oriolo PhD SSup
S. Anna Pisa
Oct 2018 Hossein
Time-optimal point-to-point motion for robots under maximum joint torque and velocity limits: A numerical approach De Luca PhD Università Genova-IIT
Oct 2018 Gioacchino
Preventive controller optimal design for critical infrastructure security Delli Priscoli PhD Politecnico Bari
Oct 2018 Gabor
Security metrics in the context of cyber-physical systems: An optimization algorithm for composing security features Delli Priscoli ...
Oct 2018 Haifeng
A multirate approach to sampled data formation control Monaco ...
Jul 2018 Francesco
Attack detection in cyber-physical systems: A real case study in power transmission networks Pietrabissa Elis Consulting and Labs (Roma)
May 2018 Pierluigi
Traction control of an electric vehicle under slippery conditions using high bandwidth motion controller Giulii Capponi ...
Mar 2018 Matteo
Control techniques for a platoon of omnidirectional mobile robots De Luca Bosch France
Mar 2018 Roberto
Real time optimal power flow integrating large scale storage devices and wind turbines in unsecure power systems Di Giorgio PhD ABRO Sapienza
Mar 2018 Andi
Towards a robotic telescope for satellite tracking Monaco ...
Mar 2018 Adriano
Implementation of direct vector control for induction machines Giulii Capponi Almaviva SpA
Mar 2018 Francesco
Learning Model Predictive Control: Application to obstacle avoidance for a mobile robot Oriolo e-Novia (Milano)
Mar 2018 Federico
Flying robots with multi-directional thrust: Classification and an application to aerial manipulation Oriolo Centro Ricerche Fiat (Torino)

Academic Year 2016/17

Date Name Title of Master thesis Advisor 1st Work
Jan 2018 Ahmed
MPC-based gait generation for humanoid robots with an application to pursuit-evasion Oriolo PhD ETH Zurich
Jan 2018 Homoud
Optimal security system configuration based on game theory approach Delli Priscoli King AbdulAziz City for Science and Technology (KACST)
Jan 2018 Giulio
Optimal control of a space manipulator for debris removal Pietrabissa Centro Ricerche Fiat (Torino)
Jan 2018 Samuele
Attitude control of a two-body system composed by two rigidly coupled satellites Pietrabissa Thales Alenia Space (Roma)
Jan 2018 Fabrizio
On accessibility for nonlinear time-delay systems Califano Thales Alenia Space (Roma)
Jan 2018 Andrea
Analysis of identification methods for satellite parameters estimation Pietrabissa PhD ABRO Sapienza
Jan 2018 Eleonora
Admittance control for human-robot interaction using an industrial robot equipped with a F/T sensor De Luca Thales Alenia Space (Roma)
Jan 2018 Mohammad
Optimal control of nonlinear vehicle suspension system Carcaterra ...
Jan 2018 Chiara
Cross modal object categorization through deep knowledge transfer Caputo ...
Jan 2018 Eva
Vivas Callàn
A variational feedback control for structural vibration attenuation: Theory and experiment Carcaterra Calibration Engineer at Maserati
Oct 2017 Mohamad
Some insights on the geometry of networked control systems: From linear to nonlinear Monaco PhD ABRO Sapienza
Oct 2017 Abdelrahman
Sensorless control of permanent magnet synchronous machines Giulii Capponi PhD Electrotechnic Eng Sapienza
Oct 2017 Paolo
FPGA-based real-time control system and nanopositioning in interferometry Monaco Centro Ricerche FIAT (Torino)"
Oct 2017 Alessio
Inverse optimality from continuous-time versus sampled-data Monaco PhD ABRO Sapienza
Oct 2017 Edoardo
Optimal control in minimum time for rest-to-rest motion of robots with elastic joints De Luca Electrolux (Pordenone)
Oct 2017 Adam
Dynamic attacks on interconnected dynamics of power grid and real-time pricing with optimal power flow Pietrabissa ABB (S. Palomba)
Oct 2017 Dengcheng
Real-time deep learning based transport mode recognition Delli Priscoli back to China
Jul 2017 Edoardo
Design and implementation of a load balancing control algorithm based on the consensus problem with wardrop equilibrium applied to SDN Delli Priscoli Software Engineer, Switzerland
Jul 2017 Vincenzo
Handling end-effector orientation constraints in the control of redundant robots De Luca ABL Automazione (Brescia)
May 2017 Valerio
Implementation of advanced screeening and control theory-based algorithms in high-mix manufacturing process to improve outgoing product quality Pietrabissa Marelli Holdings Co., Ltd (Torino)
May 2017 Silvia
Motion planning for co-worker robot PaDY De Luca General Motors (Torino)
Mar 2017 Andrea
Mathematical formulation, algorithms and heuristics for the many-to-many carpooling problem in the context of urban multi-modal trip planning Delli Priscoli PhD ABRO Sapienza

Academic Year 2015/16

Date Name Title of Master thesis Advisor 1st Work
Jan 2017 Giuseppe
A reinforcement learning based approach to customize ranking of travel solutions Delli Priscoli ...
Jan 2017 Antonio
Consensus of opinion in a dynamic network: Centralized and distributed solution Pietrabissa Engie Italia (Milano)
Jan 2017 Antonio
A distribution network reconfiguration algorithm for increased efficiency and resilience to cyberattacks Delli Priscoli Thales Alenia Space (Roma)
Jan 2017 Antonio
A Lyapunov-based cyber-security algorithm for dynamic load altering attacks in smart power grids Pietrabissa Samsung Electronics Italia S.p.A.
Oct 2016 Massimiliano
Optimal quadratic control of stochastic non-Gaussian linear systems via output injection Battilotti PhD ABRO Sapienza
Oct 2016 Fabio
Cyberphysical systems and attacks from a control-theoretic perspective with application to power transmission networks Delli Priscoli Creo Evolution (Modena)
Oct 2016 Alessandro
A reinforcement learning approach to service allocation in virtual networks Delli Priscoli PhD ABRO Sapienza
Jul 2016 Andrea
Di Maria
Distributed MPC of plug-in electric vehicles charging, integrating energy price trading Delli Priscoli ...
Jul 2016 Marco
Model Predictive Control of plug-in electric vehicles recharging in a service area equipped with storage and renewable energy sources Delli Priscoli Sadif Impianti (Roma)
May 2016 Raffaele
SADA (Solar Array Drive Assembly): A solar tracking control system for the movement of a nano-satellite solar array De Luca Deloitte (Roma)

Academic Year 2014/15

Date Name Title of Master thesis Advisor 1st Work
Jan 2016 Maria Laura
A Lyapunov-based cyber-security algorithm for dynamic load altering attacks in smart power grids Delli Priscoli Thales Alenia Space (Roma)
Jul 2015 Mattia
Control of nonlinear sampled-data systems: An immersion and invariance approach Monaco PhD ABRO Sapienza