Elective in Computer Networks II
(A. A. 2014/2015)


General information



General questions about the course

Professor in charge for the course. Prof. Luca Becchetti.

Who can attend this course. This 12 credit course is for students of the Master of Science in Engineering in Computer Science and the Master in Computer Engineering. The course is taught in English, and there will be no edition in Italian. This course is one of the characterizing courses of the section "Computer Networks". This course is also for students of the PhD program in Ingegneria Informatica (Computing Engineering). Typically, such students will attend only one or two sections.

Course structure. The course consists of 4 sections, described below. Each section corresponds to 3 credits and  consists of approximately 30 hours, each taught by an instructor in a given semester (note that different sections may be taught in different semesters). Students will have to pass an exam for each section, for each section following the indications given in the web page for the section. The final exam will be registered by the course coordinator (Prof. Luca Becchetti), and the grade will depend on the grades obtained in the various sections. Not all student will take all sections of this course. For example, a student may have passed a 6 credit exam in a previous Corso di Laurea that has been approved by the Consiglio d'Area as corresponding to 6 credits in elective. In this case, s/he will only need to take further 6 credits for this course, and therefore attend only 2 sections. When a student has passed the exams for all required sections, s/he should send a message to Prof. Luca Becchetti (luca.becchetti [at] dis.uniroma1.it), asking to register the exam. Please, check the news section of this page for the dates when registration is scheduled.
Which sections should I follow? A student has to take at least 6 CFUs from Sections 1 to 4 of the Elective in Computer Networks. Other credits can be chosen by the student according to the following rules: If a student has to take 12 CFUs in Elective, then s/he will take at least 6 CFUs from Sections 1 to 4 of the Elective in Computer Networks. The other 6 CFUs can be covered either  by  choosing two more Sections (possibly from other Elective courses) or a 6 CFU course from the Master degree. In this case, the student should  contact Prof. Becchetti (luca.becchetti [at] dis.uniroma1.it) to agree on the course to follow. If a student has to take less than 12 CFUs, at least 6 CFUs should be from Sections 1 to 4. So for example, a student who has to take 6 CFUs can only take two of the sections from 1 to 4 listed below.

Important notice: you cannot choose a 6 CFU course that is from the undergraduate degree or that you are going to take as part of your curriculum.

How should I register the exam if I take a 6 CFU course? Prior to giving the exam, you should inform the teacher of the course that your exam is taken as part of the Elective in Computer Networks. When you pass the exam, the teacher should send an email to Prof. Luca Becchetti (luca.becchetti [at] dis.uniroma1.it), notifying that you passed the exam and the grade you received. Please remind the teacher that your exam should not be registered in the usual way, only the aforementioned email should be sent.

When are the lectures of the different sections scheduled? For the current Academic Year, Sections 1 and 2 are scheduled in the first semester, whereas Sections 3 and 4 are taught in the II semester. Follow the "additional information" link of each section (see below) for the exact schedule of the corresponding lectures. If you plan to take sections from other Elective courses, please refer to instructors in charge for detailed information.
What to do to follow this course. Just follow the rules listed above. You only have to contact the teacher (luca.becchetti [at] dis.uniroma1.it) within November 15th in case if you want to replace 6 CFUs with a 6 CFU from the master degree or if your situation does not match any of the examples above.

When should I complete all exams for the course. All exam's section for the academic year 2012/2013 shoul be completed by the September 2013 exam session at latest.

Section 1 (3 CFUs)

Title: Models and methods for fully decentralized and ad-hoc networks
Luca Becchetti
Schedule: Thursdays,15.45 - 17.15, room A4 (starting October 3rd)
The home page of the section is here

Section 2 (3 CFUs)

Title: Introduction to recommender systems
Luca Becchetti
Schedule: Mondays, 14.00 - 15.30, room A3 (Starting September 30th)
The home page of the section is here

Section 3 (3 CFUs)

When: II semester
Title: Web application security
Prof. Fabrizio d'Amore
The home page of the section is here

Section 4 (3 CFUs)

When: II semester
Title: please refer to Prof. Marchetti for info
Prof. Alberto Marchetti - Spaccamela

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