Computer Networks II Syllabus – A. A. 2009/2010
(Teacher: Luca Becchetti)

Review of IP and TCP/UDP. I

Routing principles and algorithms.

Advanced IP addressing.

Interior Gateway Routing: RIP and OSPF

(Virtual) Private Networks, Tunneling, NAT.


Autonomous systems and routing between them - BGP.

Mobile IP.

Basic notions about QoS in IP networks.

This course has no adopted textbook. References:
1. L. L. Peterson e B. S. Davie. Computer Networks, a system approach. Morgan Kaufmann, third edition
2. James F. Kurose, Keith W. Ross.
Computer Networking. Addison-Wesley.
3. IBM's TCP/IP Redbook:
4. CISCO's document on OSPF:
5. Cisco's GRE, RFCs 2784 and 2890: (rfc2890)
6. Overview of VPNs:
7. CISCO's article on NAT:
8. CISCO's document on NAT:
9.CISCO's documents on BGP:
- Overview:
- Attributes and path selection:
10. CISCO's
white paper on mobile IP: