The PD32 micro-operations generator.

MicroOpGen is an open source software developed at the D.I.S. department of the Rome university "La Sapienza", by the students of the Computer Architecture I & Computer Architecture II courses held by Prof. Bruno Ciciani, under the supervision of Ing. Paolo Romano.

MicroOpGen produces the SCO level micro-operations associated to any PD32 assembly-level istruction, and nicely shows their execution by means of an animation. MicroOpGen has been developed in Java to achieve high portability and relies on the Leonardo Web animation tool to show the execution steps of the micro-operations.

MicroOpGen is still being actively developed and will soon be integrated within the PD32 DISsimulator.

Sample Screenshots:

Download Section:

Source : Download ( JCreator Project )
Self Extracting Executable : Download ( once extracted launch MicroOpGen.bat to run the software )

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For further information, please contact:
Paolo Romano, paolo'dot'romano'AT'dis'dot'uniroma1'dot'it