Federico Nardi

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Advisor:  Giorgio Grisetti
Research Area:
Robotic Perception, Computer Vision
SLAM, Semantic Mapping, Autonomous Navigation, Surface Reconstruction

Participation to PhD school
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TRADR Summer School on Autonomous Micro Aerial Vehicles (AMAV)Link2015
Participation to national and international research projects
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TRADR project
Long-term human-robot teaming for robot assisted disaster response
EU FP7 ICT 609763

Title Autor(s) Published in Year
1MIOM:A MIxed-Initiative Operational Model in Urban Search and RescueMario Gianni, Federico Nardi, Federico Ferri, Filippo Cantucci, Manule A. Ruiz Garcia, Kartik Pushparaj, Fiora Pirri18th International Conference on Control, Automation and Robotics (ICCAR)2016
2Component-Wise Modeling of Articulated ObjectsValsamis Ntouskos, Marta Sanzari, Bruno Cafaro, Federico Nardi, Fabrizio Natola, Fiora Pirri, Manuel RuizInternational Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV)2015
3Rigid tool affordance matching points of regardMarta Sanzari, Fabrizio Natola, Federico Nardi, Valsamis Ntouskos, Mahmoud Qudseya and Fiora PirriInternational Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS) Workshop2015