Control of Wheeled Mobile Robots

Some videos of our experiments with SuperMARIO


The following clips are MOV files and may not display correctly on PCs. We will replace them with MPEGs very soon.

Posture Stabilization Controllers

Smooth time-varying [Samson, Ait-Abderrahim, 1991]

Backstepping  [Sordalen, Egeland, 1995]

Polar Coordinates (forward parking) [Aicardi, Casalino, Bicchi, Balestrino, 1995]

Polar Coordinates (parallel parking)

Dynamic Feedback Linearization (forward parking) [De Luca, Oriolo, Vendittelli, 2000]

Dynamic Feedback Linearization (parallel parking)

Trajectory Tracking Controllers

Linear Design [Samson, Ait-Abderrahim, 1991]

Nonlinear Design [Samson, 1993]

Dynamic Feedback Linearization [De Luca, Oriolo, Vendittelli, 2000]

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