Medical Robotics

A portable da Vinci simulator in virtual reality

In this work we complete a robotic simulator of the dVRK, previously developed by our group, with cheap haptic interfaces and an Oculus Rift for 3D visualization of the virtual scene and control of the endoscopic camera with head motion. The complete system represents an efficient, safe and low-cost tool useful to design and validate new surgical instruments and control strategies, for integrating learning in a simulation environment, and to provide an easy-to-access educational tool to students.


To show the effectiveness of the simulator, we considered the pick-and-place simulated training scenario, shown in the video below.


The .zip folder containing the source files required to run the portable da Vinci simulator can be downloaded here.


[1] M. Ferro, D. Brunori, F. Magistri, L. Saiella, M. Selvaggio, and G. A. Fontanelli, A portable da Vinci simulator in virtual reality , Third IEEE International Conference on Robotic Computing, 2019, Naples, Italy.

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