A ground truth for semantic maps, contaning 3D maps and concept hierarchies of the environments.

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Open-source downloadable software, to be used for aiding the creation of a semantic map ground truth.

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Acquire the ground truth for the semantic map of your environment and share it with the scientific community!

For example, you can start by following these steps:

  • Download our software and the base concept hierarchy
  • Follow the tutorials
  • Acquire and process data
  • Share your ground truth!

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Dataset features

  • Real sensor data
  • OWL-DL taxonomy
  • Open-source tools

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The authors

Reference: [1] R. Capobianco, J. Serafin, J. Dichtl, G. Grisetti, L. Iocchi, D. Nardi. A Proposal for Semantic Map Representation and Evaluation. Proceedings of the European Conference on Mobile Robots (ECMR), 2015