Exams & Grading 2018

Check the page TEST & RESULTS OF EXAMS for the test and solution of most of the old exams.

RESULTS writen exam September 13; 2019.



Register using the INFOSTUD system. All the official infos are sent through the infostud mail system.

Read carefully instructions for registration.


The exam is divided into two parts: a written exam and an oral exam.

  • Written exam. The grade is based on a 30-point scale according to italian grade system being 31 (30 cum laude) the maximum achievable. The written is divided into two parts: multiple choice test and exercises. The multiple choice test is corrected before being admitted to the second part. Students have two and a half hours to finish their exercisess and they can use teaching notes during the exam. The grade is valid three months. If the grade is below 18, student must repeat the written exam. Students who get a grade G in the range [18, 25) can register their exam without taking the oral with final grade floor(G). Students who get a grade G in the range [25, 31] can register their exam witout taking the oral  with final grade 24. Students may ask for an oral exam (see below).
  • Oral exam. The maximum grade in the oral is 30. The passing grades are from 18 to 30. Non passing  grades from 0 to 17.  The oral is optional. If a student wants to get a final grade above 24, then the oral is mandatory. The oral exam can be substained within three months after the written one.
  • Grading The final grade is computed as the aritmethic average of the two parts.

Grading disputes -  If you have any issue with the grading of your written exam, you must discuss within the first oral session after the receiving the grade back; otherwise I do not consider the issue.

Please note that the grade in the Laboratory of Operations Research can be used to improve the final grade of the exam only in the case in which the student is taking the oral.