Teaching notes OR

Below the  chapters in english that are a rough translation from the italian notes of the main topics, so that they not include any in-depth. For more details you can consider additional references that you find listed in the Lecture.

  1. Chapter 1: optimization problems
  2. Chapter 2:convex analysis
  3. Chapter 3: optimality conditions - generalities, unconstrained case
  4. Chapter 4: optimality over a convex set
  5. Chapter 5: optimality over a polyhedron (1st part)
  6. Chapter 6: alternative theorems and KKT conditions
  7. Chapter 7: duality in LP
  8. Chapter 8: Theory of LP
  9. Chapter 9: Basic of the simplex method
  10. Chapter 10: Basics of ILP

You  can find teaching notes (in italian)  in the file dispense_2015-16.pdf