Teaching notes OR 2019

    This page is under construction (September 30, 2019).Here you can find the Teaching Notes of the OR-Fall2018 (English) course.The Italian version (2015-16)  is available here.

  1. MATERIAL LECTURE 1: Slide 1st lecture, Chap1-2 of Hillier,  Lieberman - Introduction to Operations Research, McGraw-Hill Education (2015), Dantzig's memory, George Dantzig in the development of economic analysis (by  k. J. Arrow, Discrete Optimization, 5 (2), 2008)
  2. MATERIAL LECTURE 2: slide 2nd lecture. description of the production problem.
  3. MATERIAL LECTURE 3: Teaching notes Chapter 1 (basic definitions optimization problems)
  4. MATERIAL LECTURE 4-5-6: Teaching notes Chapter 2:convex analysis; Appendix B of D. Bertsekas, Nonlinear Programming- 2nd ed.

  The chapters might be updated during the course.  The notes do not include any in-depth topics. For more details, you can consider additional references that you find listed in the Lectures list.

  1. Chapter 1 basic definitions optimization problems
  2. Chapter 2:convex analysis
  3. Chapter 3: optimality conditions - generalities, unconstrained case
  4. Chapter 4: optimality over a convex set
  5. Chapter 5: optimality over a polyhedron (1st part)
  6. Chapter 6: alternative theorems and KKT conditions
  7. Chapter 7: duality in LP
  8. Chapter 8: Theory of LP
  9. Chapter 9: Basic of the simplex method
  10. Chapter 10: Basics of ILP