SAPIENZA Università di Roma

Master in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (AIRO)

Reasoning Agents (3 CFU)

Prof. Fabio Patrizi

General Information

One of the most important goals of Artificial Intelligence concerns the development of intelligent agents, such as robots, that are able to deliberate their course of actions. This course introduces several approaches to realize this goal, with a particular focus on advanced forms of automated behaviour synthesis, based on temporal logics and action theories, in both deterministic and non-deterministic settings. Students are encouraged to realize projects which integrate such high-level forms of reasoning, with state-of-the-art probabilistic robotics, computer vision, and machine learning tools.


Course taught from April 21 to May 27, 2022.

Lectures will take place according to the following schedule:

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Student hour

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Teaching Material


Lecture Log

Week Thursday, 13.00-17.00 Friday, 15.00-17.00
18/04-24/04/2022 Introduction. Transition Systems.
Paper presentations.
Transition Systems.
25/04-01/05/2022 Paper presentations. Transition Systems.
Computation Tree Logic (CTL) - introduction.
02-08/05/2022 Computation Tree Logic (CTL).
CTL Model Checking.
CTL Model Checking.
Finite-state automata (introduction).
09-15/05/2022 Finite-state automata.
Linear-time temporal logics on finite traces (LTLf/LDLf). Planning for LTLf/LDLf.

16-22/05/2022 Seminar (Dr. Alessandro Trapasso):
The AIPlan4EU Unified Planning Framework
Paper presentations.
Paper presentations.
23-29/05/2022 Seminar (Dr. Francesco Fuggitti):
Planning for LTLf/LDLf goals.
Paper presentations.
Paper presentations.
End of course.


Exam format

The exam consists in two parts:

Exam dates

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