BSL - The Bloomberg Standard Library

Data dell'evento: 
Venerdì, 21 Dicembre, 2012 - 16:00
Via Ariosto 25, Room A4
Stefano Pacifico, Senior Software Engineer at Bloomberg L.P.

BSL - The Bloomberg Standard Library
Friday December 21st, 4 pm, 

Bloomberg L.P. has recently open-sourced the Bloomberg Standard Library (BSL). BSL is a low-level, high-performance C++ software library that provides sophisticated tools for software development, as well as a methodology for writing reusable, fine-grained software. This talk will give an overview of the implementation of the BSL library, specifically focussing on the scoped polymorphic allocator model, and on the precondition checking facility "BSLS_ASSERT".
Daniele Nardi