Alessandro De Luca

Research interests

My research interests are in the general areas of robotics and control. In particular, I have been working on kinematic and dynamic modeling, trajectory planning, motion planning and control for the following robotic systems/problems:

Manipulators with elastic joints, with variable stiffness actuation, with flexible links; Physical human-robot interaction; Kinematically redundant robots; Robots in contact with the environment; Multiple cooperating manipulators; Underactuated manipulators; Wheeled mobile robots; Mobile manipulators; Nonholonomic mechanical systems; Locomotion platforms; Visual servoing; Fault detection and isolation.

Watch some videos on our YouTube channel RoboticsLabSapienza, in particular in the playlists:

For solving regulation, tracking, or interaction control problems, I have been using several control design approaches, e.g.: Feedback linearization (static, dynamic, partial state); Input-output decoupling; Lyapunov-based control; Learning; Iterative steering; Inversion in frequency domain; Nonlinear regulation.

Last update: August 23, 2015